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Allo 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape

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Allo's disposable vape devices are designed for leisurely smoking and are designed to give their owners a pleasant experience as well as deliver the right dose of nicotine. The devices have a sleek, easy to handle design and do not have any control buttons. The devices are equipped with responsive and modern electronics, which react instantly to a puff. You just have to put the disposable cigarette to your lips and inhale and it will turn on. The flavours include classic berry, fruit, mint, as well as original mixes that can delight connoisseurs of unusual sensations. The devices are designed for 1500 puffs and will be a great replacement for regular cigarettes.

You can buy disposable vapes in Dubai in our online shop. We cooperate directly with the manufacturer, so all the products are only original. For the comfort of buyers there is the possibility of delivery of goods in the UAE. If you have any difficulties or you need assistance in choosing - contact our managers.

The Main Features of the Devices

E-cigarettes Allo in Dubai have a few important differences from their competitors:

  • The classic cylindrical shape and optimum length. They will easily fit in your pocket and can be taken with you.
  • They are equipped with a medium-sized mouthpiece that is comfortable to use.
  • Devices are made of durable plastic. It is not affected by heat and is not prone to cracking.
  • The basic shade is white, which is supplemented with other tones, depending on the chosen taste. This way you will never mix up Allo vapes if you have more than one.
  • One of the main advantages of these cigarettes is the electronic filling. The elements are highly sensitive and trigger quickly when you puff. But to prevent spontaneous triggering, the devices have an additional safety system.
  • The Allo disposable vapes, like e-cigarettes Veiik Dubai, come with powerful and efficient batteries. They do not need recharging and will hold their charge for a long time. You can leave the gadget for a while and come back to it later, it will still work.
  • You won't find any buttons or controls on the case. You'll know it's working properly just by looking at the indicator light.

For further technical details, please contact our managers.

Flavours of Disposable Vapes Allo in Dubai

Apart from the quality and clever electronic filling, the brand's disposable cigarettes stand out for their capacious cartridge and refill liquids. The latter are based on the familiar salty nicotine but with natural additives mixed in to give the right flavour. They have a more pronounced flavour and leave a nice aftertaste.

Among the possible combinations, you will find:


Berry - blackberry, strawberry, watermelon etc.


Fruity - mango, banana, apple, etc.


Herbal - mint, etc.


Drinks - energy drinks, etc.



The Allo brand offers both classic flavours and original ones. You have no problem finding something to suit you.

The nicotine content in the liquids does not exceed 50 mg. Therefore, the devices are suitable for both experienced smokers and beginners who are just getting familiar with vaping.

What's Good About E-cigarettes Allo

Item 1

The design is sleek and convenient, compact in size.

Item 2

Automatic and quick draw.

Item 3

Wide range of flavours.

Item 4

Medium strength liquids.

Item 5

Designed for 1500 puffs.

Item 6

Built-in system to prevent idle triggering.

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