Best POD Systems

Best POD Systems

It is safe to say that the vaping industry is a certain concentration of innovation and advanced technology. No other sphere in the world is developing as fast as electronic vaping. Therefore, it is difficult for many vaping enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with the latest vaping devices, especially since many leading brands continue to revise the limitless possibilities of vaping almost on a monthly basis.

While the world of vaping is certainly evolving at a lightning fast pace, it is a community worth being a part of, especially because constant innovation leads to a better vaping experience for all users.

Many people were first interested in vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, and vape manufacturers have definitely taken notice of this fast-growing group of new vapers. A lot of attention in the design and development of vape products has been focused on creating experiences that are very similar to "old school" cigarettes, making it easier for people to transition to vaping while enjoying a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Among the vape devices that have joined the ranks of popular devices relatively recently are disposable pod systems that offer a similar vaping experience to smoking using advanced technology. Cartridge systems make vaping incredibly convenient, easy and affordable. For many vapers, a pod system is the perfect balance between a simple starter vaping kit and an ultra-modern tech box mod: not too complicated, inexpensive, and still able to provide a great vaping experience.

POD system

Cartridge Systems: the Basics. How Do Subsystems Work?

One of the reasons cartridge systems are so popular in 2021 is their status as the golden mean between basic e-cigarettes and advanced battery mods. Many vapers start with an inexpensive, simple e-cig or "vape pen," learning their device and developing an understanding of what they like and dislike about vaping. While these basic devices are able to fully meet the vaping needs of beginners, they have serious drawbacks. Although they are easy to use, cheap, and very portable, simple e-cigarettes and "vape pens" don't offer much in terms of battery life or power. However, while advanced mods offer a huge range of customization options and great potential, not all vapers want to spend the money or time learning how to use the more complex devices, unlike pod systems.

For vapers who want to balance affordability, convenience and performance, a new option in the form of cartridge systems has been introduced. The subsystem is capable of providing a great vaping experience while keeping costs and convenience low.

As you can guess from the name, the cartridge system has one defining characteristic. It uses a cartridge to hold and then vaporize liquid, rather than the atomizer that is usually found in a kit with a standard mod. These devices are often called "all-in-one" or "AIO" devices because they include everything you need for vaping: cartridges with a built-in heating element, cotton filler, and liquid. You don't need to screw on a tank or atomizer because the cartridge system is a standalone device.

On average, cartridges can hold anywhere from 1 ml to 3 ml of liquid, which is good for most vapers. These devices are slightly larger than the slim and compact e-cigarettes previously on the market, but they tend to still be smaller than regular boxmods. For example, you may come across cartridge systems that look similar to a computer flash drive, or those that look more like battery-powered mods.

Open and Closed Cartridge Systems

While cartridge systems are pretty straightforward, there is one important decision you need to make before you buy: which system is better open or closed. Ultimately, this decision comes down to personal preference and vaping style.

Open and Closed Cartridge Systems

Open Cartridge System

Open Cartridge System

The open-architecture cartridge is manually refilled by the vaper, allowing you to vaporize your preferred liquid. Typically, all you have to do is unscrew or detach the top and then fill the reservoir with a dropper or syringe. Depending on the diameter of the filling hole, you can even pour the liquid directly from the bottle into the cartridge.

Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of this type of cartridge system is the ability to use your preferred liquid, giving you complete freedom in terms of flavors and nicotine strength levels. In addition, many vapers find that open systems give a richer flavor and more vapor.

As for the disadvantages, open cartridge systems do not allow you to quickly change the flavor of the liquid inside, in addition, some vapers do not want to deal with refills at all. You should also consider regularly replacing the cartridge or vaporizer, which is not necessarily a difficult action, but for some, it can be an obstacle.

Closed Cartridge System

Closed Cartridge System

Closed cartridge systems are comparable to the customizer in that they use pre-filled cartridges. Instead of refilling, you engage in an even simpler action - you only need to remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. While there aren't many options for e-cigarette liquid in cartridge form (compared to standard brands), you can still find a good selection of flavors, nicotine strengths and brands. Another plus of a closed system is the accessibility to any user, as they require almost no knowledge to vaporize.

On the other hand, it is commonly believed by vapers that closed sub-systems have a weak puff, which is a serious drawback for some users. In addition, this type of cartridge systems is often characterized by "spitting" of liquid, as long storage of pre-filled cartridges creates excessive impregnation of the built-in vaporizer. However, many manufacturers have already learned how to solve this problem by installing additional filters at the mouthpiece. Among the most popular brands are Myle, HQD and Yuoto

Advantages of Using Cartridge Systems

Pods continue to gain popularity for a reason. With a wide range of benefits, cartridge-based systems are popular with vapers who want convenience, portability, and performance, and the best pods combine all of these qualities.

Cartridge systems are easy to use, minimizing the steps required on your part. There aren't a lot of settings and modes to fiddle with, unlike more complex vape options. There is usually only one button or automatic operation at all when you inhale, and refilling or replacing the cartridge is quick and easy.

Plus 1

Great for vaping in any situation

Since cartridge systems are ultra-compact and do not require much manipulation, they are ideal for vaping on the go.

Plus 2

Have great versatility in terms of liquid options

That being said, if you choose a closed system with pre-filled cartridges, you can count on selective quality among the range. And if you choose a reusable open sub-system, you can choose from a huge variety of vaping liquids on your own. Like large kits, the cartridge system can most often work with viscous liquids where the base is dominated by glycerin, which many basic starter kits cannot do.

Plus 3

Good nicotine saturation

In the case of conventional kits, manufacturers recommend sticking to a strength of 3-6 milligrams of nicotine for comfortable vaping. However, many vapers are not satisfied with this level of nicotine, especially those who switched to vaping after cigarettes. Cartridge systems came on the market with salt nicotine, which is more quickly absorbed by the body and can be in higher concentrations while remaining comfortable for vaping.

Plus 4


Devices of this type are usually quite small, so you can easily hold them in the palm of your hand without attracting attention. Also, they are not designed to blow out huge clouds of vapor, so your vaping session will not be annoying to non-smokers around you.

Plus 5

Minimal leaks

A leaking tank is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen to a vaper, as even the most seemingly airtight tanks often release small amounts of liquid in the form of condensation. This can cause the contents of your bag or pocket to become contaminated with liquid, and leaking nicotine liquid on your hands is not the most pleasant accident imaginable. Luckily, cartridge systems are almost completely sealed due to their design, especially when it comes to pre-filled cartridges.

Plus 6

Cartridge systems are economical

The cost of most devices in this class ranges from 36 to 110 AED, so you can easily find an affordable option that meets your needs. From the world of advanced boxmods, where the cost of kits can be in the neighborhood of four to five thousand rubles, cartridge systems are a good way to save money. The price tag is often important to get into the ranking of subsystems for beginners.

Plus 7

Ease of care and maintenance

Another benefit of subsystems in terms of saving money and nerves is the extremely low maintenance costs. You won't have to constantly buy coils, vapors, or change expensive vaporizers, their price on cartridge systems is very low, and the effort in the replacement process will be minimal, which often makes the top features for beginners.

Disadvantages of Using Cartridge Systems

Like any vape device, cartridge systems have a few drawbacks, but for many vapers these drawbacks are not so significant as to override the advantages. Here are some of them:

Minus 1

Reduced autonomy

Given the small size of the cartridge systems, it is logical to assume that there is a smaller capacity battery inside. This means that you will need to charge such a device more often than a normal boxmod, but as a rule, the battery charge is enough to steam all day long. In addition, a small capacity battery replenishes its charge much faster and you will not have to wait long to finish the process.

Minus 2

Insignificant tank capacity

If you're used to the performance of "large-caliber" kits, the capacity inherent in cartridge systems may discourage you somewhat. 1 or 2 liter cartridges are commonplace, and there are devices with 0.7 liter capacity, which of course is not as encouraging as huge 6-milliliter atomizers. However, the consumption of the cartridge system is extremely low and this capacity of the cartridge may be enough for a day of vaping or even more.

Minus 3

A small amount of vapor

Despite the positive feelings about using cartridge systems, a large amount of vapor is clearly not about them. The devices are designed to saturate the user with a minimum amount of vapor, so there is no point in comparing their performance to larger sets. That said, some manufacturers - such as Geekvape - produce hybrid devices like the Aegis Boost, which already boast a decent amount of vapor on the cartridges.

Is the Cartridge Dystem Right for Me?

While many other vape device options are designed for a certain type of vaper, cartridge systems are actually universal. They're somewhere between technologically advanced and simple, so this type of device will work for most vapers.