Elite Vapebar

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What are Elite Vapebar Vapes

These are devices that allow you to enjoy the process of vaping. Inside the body is an aromatic e-liquid with a certain flavor. There is no tobacco in them like in cigarettes, but there is nicotine, which makes the experience brighter.

Elite Vapebar Vapes are most suitable for those who like to watch the process of vaping. The translucent body allows you to see exactly how much e-liquid is left.

Features of Elite Vapebar Vapes

It is worth noting several characteristics that distinguish this series of devices from the others:

paragraph 1

Round mouthpiece. 

All vapes have this part, but it is not always this shape. Many devices are accompanied by flat mouthpieces, like a saxophone. Here, however, this part has a round shape. Many users find it more convenient.

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LED lighting. 

You'll definitely like it if you're not a fan of boring vaping. It is beautiful, stylish and will add charm to the use of the device in the evening.

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Convenient shape. 

It's not too wide like bottle-shaped devices and not too small like pen-shaped models. Optimal size for the average hand.

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Salt nicotine. 

This is what is added to the e-liquid and gives it a strength of 5%. This type of synthetic nicotine is more quickly absorbed by the body, which means you have to take fewer puffs than smoking cigarettes with regular tobacco. It also doesn't irritate your throat.

Flavors of Elite Vapebar

The line includes:

  • Menthol and refreshing notes. Such as Strawberry Ice, Grape Ice, BlackCurrant Menthol, Pineapple Ice, Cola Ice, Cool Mint.
  • Juicy or sour-sweet. Bluesour Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Watermelon, Sour Apple, MR Blue.

You can choose combinations of freshness and fruit or prefer a taste closer to familiar sweets and drinks. It's up to you.

If you prefer a classic shape in a non-transparent case, also look at the section with the POD Salt series.

Order products at Disposable Vape Dubai online shop and enjoy vaping in different flavors, taking the pleasant habit to a higher and higher level.