Disposable Vape HQD in Dubai

HQD brand e-tools contain 50-60 mg nicotine and are suitable for experienced smokers or those who want to give up regular cigarettes. The models come in sleek, discreet designs and classic shapes. The compact size makes them easy to fit in the hand and easy to take with you. Since the smoke practically does not escape outside, you can use them in closed rooms and do not have to worry about the comfort of bystanders. The manufacturer offers a wide range of flavours, including berry, fruit, herbal and mixed combinations. The devices start automatically after the first inhalation. Depending on the series, they are designed for 1000-2500 puffs.

You can buy disposable vapes in Dubai in our online shop. We cooperate directly with the manufacturer and offer only original products. Delivery within UAE is provided for comfort of the buyers. All questions on goods and services please contact our managers.

What Makes the Devices Stand out

  • E-cigarettes HQD come in a classic design with a cylindrical body and a narrow mouthpiece. It is shatterproof and protects the fillings from mechanical shocks.
  • Compact in size, these devices are easy to fit in the hand. You can easily take them with you, stow them in your pocket or put them in your bag.
  • The internal filling of the devices is similar to other vapes - battery, atomizer and liquid container. The battery is powerful and designed for a long life.
  • Like disposable vapes Veiik Dubai, HQD e-cigarettes turn on automatically after the first puff. It is not advisable to take deep breaths straight away, as the vapour may be unpleasant to the throat.
  • The indicator light on the casing indicates that the device is in working order.

Please note that it is not recommended to disassemble or damage the device. The cartridges or batteries may not be replaced, recharged or refilled. At the end of the charge, the products are to be disposed of as waste.

Available Flavours Vapes HQD in Dubai

The main distinguishing feature of the brand's e-cigarettes is their high strength. Their nicotine content ranges from 50 to 60 mg depending on the series. This can be high for novices and affect the first impressions of smoking. Saturation sets in after a few inhalations and doesn't last long. That is why these devices can be used as an alternative to regular cigarettes if you want to quit smoking.

The devices are filled with original liquids based on salt nicotine and flavour additives. Only natural ingredients are used because they have a brighter, more memorable taste and a pleasant aftertaste. Among the main flavours you can find berry, fruit, mint and mix flavours - unique and classic combinations.

Available Flavours Vapes HQD in Dubai

Benefits E-cigarettes HQD

Item 1

Compact size and classic shapes.

Item 2

Medium to high strength liquids.

Item 3

Wide choice of vivid and original flavours.

Item 4

Automatic actuation on inhalation.

Item 5

Reduced vapour emission, no risk to others.

Item 6

Does not require any maintenance.

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