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Myle Mini 320 Puffs Disposable Vape

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The Myle Mini brand offers its own disposable e-cigarettes that are known for their unusual and memorable flavours. In one carton you'll find 2 vapes that are fully ready to use. Each device has a capacity of 320 puffs and is a great alternative to regular cigarettes. The devices are filled with high quality nicotine based liquids with a strength of up to 5%. They do not require recharging, they are triggered automatically on inhalation. Available in sleek designs and small size, they are easy to use.

You can buy disposable devices in Dubai, including those from the Myle Mini brand, from our online shop. We work directly with manufacturers and provide only original products to our customers. For the convenience of customers we provide delivery of purchases in the UAE. If you have any questions about devices - contact our managers.

Affordable Tastes

Myle Mini Dubai offers its customers e-cigarettes fueled with standard salt nicotine-based liquids. The strength does not exceed 5%, so PODs are suitable for beginners and experienced smokers alike. As it is a safer and more enjoyable way to inhale tobacco smoke, these devices can be a substitute for regular cigarettes.

To give their customers more pleasure, the brand includes a variety of natural additives with different flavours in its liquids. Among them, you will find the usual tobacco, as well as berry, fruit, mint and cooling variants. The main advantage of the company's devices is the noticeable and vivid flavours. From the first puff you will feel all the shades and be able to fully enjoy your chosen device.

Affordable Tastes

Features of Myle Mini Vape

Disposable e-cigarettes from the brand can be recognized by their classic and concise design - they resemble an ordinary flash drive. This makes them easy to handle and fits comfortably in your hand so they won't slip out of your fingers. The simplicity of form also allows the device to be hidden in time, so it won't draw too much attention. But it has a few other features that set it apart from its counterparts:

  • Like VGOD e-cigarettes in Dubai, the models are made of durable plastic. The surface is rough so they won't slip out of your fingers.
  • The devices come with a powerful enough battery for several days of unhurried use.
  • The housing accommodates a compact cartridge. The capacity is sufficient for no more than 320 puffs.
  • The device is indicated by a light indicator which informs you that it is working.
  • The models belong to the automatic devices which are triggered by inhalation. You will not find any control buttons on the device.
  • Myle Mini Dubai has a tight draw, which is especially suitable for experienced vapers or those who are just transitioning from regular cigarettes.
  • One pack contains two devices in individual pouches. This protects them from leaks and external influences.

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What Else Makes Myle Mini E-cigarettes Good

Item 1

Small size, easy to fit in the palm of your hand.

Item 2

Streamlined and comfortable shape.

Item 3

Not meant to be used for extended periods of time.

Item 4

Bright and full of intense flavors.

Item 5

Optimum medium strength of 5%.

Item 6

Non-maintenance of any kind.

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