Disposable vapes Stig in Dubai

Stig disposable vapes are known for their strong and full-bodied tobacco flavours. They will please those who want to switch from regular cigarettes to devices or have been using them for a long time, but love the rich flavours. The devices are made in sleek designs and miniature forms so as not to distract the owner from the smoking process. The vapes fit easily in your pocket and turn on after the first puff. They are designed for 270 puffs as standard and can last for several days.

You can buy disposable vapes in Dubai at our online shop. Only original products bought from the manufacturer are presented in the catalogue. For comfort of the customers, we provide delivery of the purchases. If you have any questions or difficulties with the order - contact our managers.

Features of Vapes Stig

To ensure nothing distracts the owner from the smoking process, the company has designed handy and compact devices. Their body is made of durable plastic, resistant to heat and mechanical influences. The shape of the products resembles an ordinary flash drive with a mouthpiece tapered to the lips. They are comfortable to handle and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, so you can easily hide them in case of need.

Stig disposable vapes - like e-cigarettes VGOD Dubai - feature rough surface finish. The devices do not slip in your fingers and are difficult to drop.

The devices are designed to work autonomously without recharging, equipped with a 260 mAh battery. A charge lasts up to 270 puffs, which is equivalent to a normal packet of cigarettes. Since Stig Dubai vapes are automatic systems and trigger on inhalation. It's worth noting that they have a tight puff, which will especially appeal to experienced smokers. In addition, the brand's devices have an original solution, which adds to the attractiveness of the products. The light indicator is located at the bottom of the body and looks like a smoldering coal when turned on.

Features of vapes Stig

The models are also distinguished by a built-in protection against idle triggering. You do not have to worry about the devices turning on by themselves and failing quickly. The products are supplied in individual packs of three.

Detailed technical information on each product can be found on the product cards. If you can't decide which device is right for you, feel free to contact our managers.

Flavours of Vapes Stig in Dubai

Another notable advantage of the brand's disposable e-cigarettes are the original liquids from the manufacturer SaltNic. These have proven to be the best, and their formulations have unmatched flavours that are memorable for a long time.

Since Stig produces vapes for experienced smokers and those who want to get away from regular cigarettes, among their flavours you can find products with notes of:


Natural tobacco









As natural additives are used in the production process, they leave a bright and pleasant aftertaste. The salt nicotine content in the liquids does not exceed 5%, but this is enough for long-lasting satiety.

Like other vaping devices, these PODs produce little vapor and smoke, so they can be used indoors if there are people.

Benefits of E-cigarettes Stig in Dubai

Item 1

Optimal medium strength and variety of flavours.

Item 2

Compact size, easy to take with you.

Item 3

Sleek, formal shape and easy to use.

Item 4

Automatic trigger on inhalation.

Item 5

No maintenance or refilling required.

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