Tugboat EVO Disposable Vape in Dubai

Want a modern device that lasts for a long time? Consider the disposable vape Tugboat EVO. This model is equipped with a capacious cartridge for 4500 puffs, which is enough for several weeks of active use. Since the device does not charge, it has a powerful 850 mAh battery. The line offers a wide palette of flavors, among which you can find classic and unusual solutions. In addition, you can adjust the strength and saturation of the vapor with the installed coil. Spin the little wheel and adjust the device for yourself.

In our store you can buy disposable vape Tugboat EVO online in Dubai. We deliver orders to cities in the UAE. Delivery terms are advised at checkout.

Tugboat EVO in Dubai

What flavors are available

The manufacturer of the vape Tugboat EVO pays great attention to the quality of the E-Juice used. They are made from natural and safe components for people, so they have bright and natural flavors. Nicotine content in the liquid does not exceed 50 mg, so they are suitable for experienced smokers and beginners who are not afraid of strong e-cigarettes.

But in Tugboat EVO is good not only the quality of the liquid, but also the variety of flavors. At our place you can find:

  • Strawberry and Mango;
  • Watermelon chewing gum;
  • Mango and melon;
  • Marmalade;
  • Green Apple;
  • Refreshing Mint;
  • Aloe and Grape; etc.

All of them are distinguished by juiciness and richness of shades. And by adjusting the device to yourself you can better taste all the shades and notes.

What are the features of Tugboat EVO

Disposable vape Tugboat EVO refers to modern devices that are designed for long-term work and do not need maintenance, they already have everything you need for long-term use in different conditions.

  • The main feature of this model is the 10 ml cartridge. This volume is enough for about 4500 puffs, which is a few weeks of use. Since the device is disposable, it does not need to be refilled or otherwise serviced;
  • To prevent the vape Tugboat EVO from failing before the liquid runs out, it has a 850 mAh battery. It does not need to be recharged, it requires maintenance;
  • Another feature of the model is the presence of a special coil for adjusting the steam flow. You can adjust the strength of its atomization and saturation, which will allow you to fully enjoy the selected flavor and its shades. In addition, this way you can adjust the device to your smoking style;
  • As in the case of the vape Tugboat Mega, the body of Tugboat EVO is made of refractory plastic and does not heat up when used. Its surface due to special processing does not slip, and you will not drop the device when smoking or awkward movement;
  • The model is very easy to use. Except the coil you will not find any buttons or switches on the body. The device triggers the first puff because it responds to your breath. This also prevents accidental triggering and unplanned triggering.

Why it's worth buying.

The disposable vape Tugboat EVO has many advantages that set them apart from their counterparts:

paragraph 1

A large cartridge volume of 10 ml, which is 4,500 puffs.

paragraph 2

Powerful battery that keeps the charge well.

paragraph 3

Ability to adjust the flow of steam.

paragraph 4

Does not require any maintenance.

paragraph 5

Average strength not more than 5%.

paragraph 6

Comfortable, compact size and stylish design.

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