Tugboat Plus Disposable Vape in Dubai

Tugboat Plus 800 Puffs Disposable Vape

AED 25
50 mg
800 Puffs

Tugboat Plus Blue Razz Disposable Vape

AED 25
50 mg
800 Puffs

Tugboat Plus Pineapple Ice Disposable Vape

AED 25
50 mg
800 Puffs

Tugboat Plus Banana Ice Disposable Vape

AED 25
50 mg
800 Puffs

Tugboat Plus Strawberry Watermelon Disposable Vape

AED 25
50 mg
800 Puffs

Prefer a compact device or like to change flavors often? Check out the disposable vape Tugboat Plus. It has a 2.2 ml cartridge, which is not more than 800 puffs. And it also has a 400 mAh battery, which is enough for a long time. The model does not require any maintenance, it does not charge or refill. But in this line there is a wide palette of flavors. Among them you will find berry, fruit and refreshing combinations. The strength used by the brand E-Juice - 5%, which is optimal for beginners and experienced smokers.

You can buy vape Tugboat Plus in our store in Dubai. Orders are delivered to any city in the UAE as soon as possible. We will always help you choose the right device for your needs.

Tugboat Plus in Dubai

What flavors we offer

Our catalog features a wide range of vape Tugboat Plus flavors . With us you can buy both original and classic combinations. All differ with juiciness and richness, naturalness of the notes and a pleasant aftertaste. We regularly replenish the assortment and keep track of the manufacturer's new products.

At the moment there is a Tugboat Plus vape with flavors:

  • Forest Berries;
  • Frosty Mint;
  • Grape Ice;
  • Lychee Ice;
  • Mango and Guava;
  • Pineapple ice;
  • Banana ice, etc.

Vape Tugboat Plus is fueled by quality liquids, which are made from safe and natural components. The strength of the final composition does not exceed 5%. This is an average value that will suit both experienced smokers and beginners.

Tugboat Plus - how it differs from others

A single-use vape from this series has several features that you need to consider when choosing this device:

  • The model is equipped with a powerful battery, with a capacity of 400 mAh. The battery holds a charge well, is not subject to rapid self-discharge and does not require recharging. Its energy is enough for a long time. Even if you leave one device for a while and return to it later, it will still work;
  • Like the vape Tugboat Mega, this device belongs to the disposable devices, which do not require refueling during operation. Therefore, Tugboat Plus is equipped with a 2.2 ml cartridge. This volume is enough for at least 800 puffs, which is several days of use;
  • Vape Tugboat Plus is presented in a sleek, discreet design and at the same time has a good durability. It will withstand a fall from a small height. It owes this to the body made of refractory plastic;
  • You also will not find any buttons on the body to turn it on. Just put the device to your lips and breathe in, and it's ready to go. This way of switching on the device is not only convenient, but also helps to avoid accidents. It will not turn on by itself while you carry it in your pocket or bag.

Benefits of Vape Tugboat Plus

paragraph 1

Compact size and stylish design.

paragraph 2

400 mAh battery that does not require charging.

paragraph 3

2.2ml cartridge for 800 puffs.

paragraph 4

No liquid refill required.

paragraph 5

Turns on with the first breath.

paragraph 6

Wide palette of flavors and 5% proof.

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