Tugboat V4 Disposable Vape in Dubai

Tugboat V4 500 Puffs Disposable Vape

AED 45

Disposable vape Tugboat V4 is a compact device in a stylish design, designed for short-term use. The model is suitable for those who often change flavors and don't want to have to service the device. For this purpose it has a 2 ml cartridge which is enough for 500 puffs. To prevent the device failed before time, it has a battery capacity of 330 mAh. Turns on the electronic cigarette of this type by simply breathing in.

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Tugboat V4 in Dubai

What flavors we have in stock

Tugboat V4 not only has a stylish design and small size, but also a wide variety of flavors. While it is a disposable vape, quality liquids are used to fuel it. E-Juice is made based on natural and safe components, and the strength of the composition does not exceed 5%. The desired taste is achieved by a tested flavorings that do not cause allergic reactions.

Here you can buy a disposable vape Tugboat V4 with flavors:

  • Energy Drink;
  • Mango and guava;
  • Mango;
  • Strawberry and Watermelon;
  • Strawberry and banana;
  • American Tobacco;
  • Forest berries;
  • Green grapes, etc.

Tugboat V4 - main features

Disposable vape Tugboat V4 differs from its counterparts and this is due to its main features:

  • The model is made in a stylish and concise design, has a small size. At the same time, it will safely withstand a fall from a low height. In addition, it does not slip out of your fingers. All this is due to the body of the high-temperature plastic with a special coating;
  • Tugboat V4 has a 2ml cartridge, which is slightly inferior to the other model - Tugboat Plus. This amount is enough for at least 500 puffs - a few days of active use;
  • To make the device last as long as possible, it is equipped with a 330 mAh battery. It does not charge and does not require any other service;
  • One of the most important advantages of the model is the availability of 3 disposable vapes in one pack. You do not buy one device, but several and you can use them as you want;
  • They are all easy to handle. Need to turn it on? Bring the device to your lips and inhale. You can tell it's working by the light indicator. This system eliminates the possibility of accidental activation when the e-cigarette is in your pocket or bag.

Why choose the vape Tugboat V4

paragraph 1

Three devices with one flavor in one package.

paragraph 2

Wide palette of flavors - fruity, berry, refreshing, etc.

paragraph 3

Good capacity cartridge for up to 500 puffs.

paragraph 4

No need to recharge, there is a powerful battery.

paragraph 5

Stylish and sleek design.

paragraph 6

Easy control - you just need to make the first smoke.

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