VEIIK Micko Alpha (α) Disposable Vape in Dubai

Veiik Micko α (Alpha) Disposable Vape

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Disposable vape Veiik Micko Alpha is a stylish device with a wide range of bright, memorable flavors. The device is designed for 600 puffs, which means several days of active use. The model is equipped with a powerful battery and requires no charging, no maintenance. Filled with high quality liquids with 5% strength, which are made on the basis of high-quality salt nicotine. The device is easy to use, to turn on you just bring it to your mouth and take a puff.

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Veiik Micko Alpha in Dubai

What flavors are there

One of the main distinguishing features of the brand products is memorable and original flavors. Vape Veiik Micko Alpha stands out with them. It is fueled by high-quality E-Juice, which are made on the basis of salt nicotine and natural, safe flavorings. The strength of the formulations does not exceed 5%. Thanks to the thought-out system of delivery and heating vapor all the flavors are fully revealed.

In the catalog you will find the following flavors Veiik Micko Alpha:

  • Peach Ice;
  • Pineapple Lemonade;
  • Watermelon Ice;
  • Strawberry Cake;
  • Grape ice;
  • Frosted Mint;
  • Blueberry ice, etc.

The lineup is updated according to the brand's new products.

What are the features of Veiik Micko Alpha

The disposable vape Veiik Micko Alpha is distinguished from analogues and other e-cigarettes by several characteristics:

  • The body of the model is made of steel with a special non-slip coating. At the same time the device is made in a stylish and comfortable design. The main color is black, the only colors are name and flavor, by which you can distinguish one e-cigarette from the other;
  • Veiik Micko Alpha 600 puffs has a 3 ml cartridge in the body. This is a good amount of E-Juice, which is enough for a long time. The reservoir is not refillable;
  • Overall, Veiik Micko Alpha is an improved version of Veiik Micko Pie, which excels in debugging and quality performance. Its main advantage is the balanced system of steam supply and heating. It is allocated an optimal amount, allowing more brightly reveal the selected flavor;
  • In order for the device to last the full allotted time, it accommodates a powerful battery with a capacity of 500 mAh. It does not need charging and does not require any additional service. The battery holds its charge well and is not prone to self-discharge;
  • It is easy to start the device - put it to your lips and take a puff. You don't need to look for buttons and switches, there are none.

Why buy Veiik Micko Alpha

paragraph 1

Stylish and concise design, comfortable shape.

paragraph 2

Wide variety of flavors and combinations.

paragraph 3

Good E-Juice strength of 5%.

paragraph 4

Powerful battery that doesn't require charging.

paragraph 5

Just a puff to turn it on.

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