VEIIK Micko Max Disposable Vape in Dubai

Veiik Micko Max 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape

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Disposable vape Veiik Micko MAX

Disposable vape Veiik Micko MAX is suitable for those who like to enjoy the selected flavor for a long time. They are handy devices that are made in a concise and practical design. Thanks to their compact size and thoughtful shape, they can be easily taken with you. Their main advantage is a capacious cartridge for 1500 puffs. For refilling we use quality liquids with nicotine content of 50 mg per 1 ml. Among the flavors are original and classic combinations that can please even experienced smokers. This device doesn't need any service, charging or refilling.

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Disposable vape Veiik Micko MAX

What flavors are there

One of the main advantages of the Vape Veiik Micko MAX is the wide range of flavors available. Among them, there are original and classic combinations. All of them stand out for their naturalness and leave behind a pleasant and memorable aftertaste. To this end, their production use safe and high quality components. Nicotine content in E-Juice is 50 mg per 1 ml.

Among the flavors of disposable vape Veiik Micko MAX can be found:

  • Raspberry Orange;
  • Coconut pineapple;
  • Mango lychee;
  • Melon Apple;
  • Mint gum;
  • Lemon ice;
  • Aloe grape, etc.

Features of Vape Veiik Micko MAX

The device has a number of distinctive features that set it apart from other products of the brand.

  • This vape Veiik features a strong and durable body, as it is made of steel. The material does not deform, does not heat up when in use and can withstand a fall from a small height. On the surface of the device is a sticker with a bright design. Thanks to this coating, the model will not slip from your fingers;
  • Vape Veiik Micko MAX belongs to the disposable electronic cigarettes, so it has a battery of 900 mAh. It does not require recharging and holds a good charge;
  • The model has a cartridge with a capacity of 6 ml. This capacity is enough for 1500 puffs, which is a few days to a couple of weeks of smoking. At the same time the device is already set the optimal amount of vapor for one puff;
  • You will not find any buttons on the body of the device, because the model is turned on by inhalation. All you need to do is to bring it to your lips and take a puff and the sensors will start the device. This system protects against spontaneous triggering and prevents the device from breaking.

What makes vape Veiik Micko MAX good

paragraph 1

Large 6 ml cartridge.

paragraph 2

Wide variety of intense flavors.

paragraph 3

Automatic inclusion.

paragraph 4

Powerful 900 mAh battery.

paragraph 5

Nicotine content 50ml.

paragraph 6

No maintenance required.

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