VEIIK Micko Shark Disposable Vape in Dubai

Veiik Micko Shark 2200 Puffs Disposable Vape

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Veiik Micko Shark is a modern disposable vape, which will conquer the owners and users not by its stylish appearance, but by the rich and deep taste. The device features a laconic and discreet design, simple design, but comes with a capacious cartridge and a powerful battery. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh. A built-in capacity under the E-Juice enough for at least 2200 puffs. The e-cigarette is easy to use, it starts with a breath and does not need any service.

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Veiik Micko Shark in Dubai

Flavors featured

Since the main focus of the manufacturer is not the appearance of the device, but its filling, the main advantage of Veiik Micko Shark are memorable flavors. For the filling, high-quality E-Juice is used, which are made on the basis of safe components. Natural flavors that do not cause allergic reactions are selected to get the right taste. The strength of the refills is 5%, so they are suitable for beginners and experienced smokers.

Among Veiik Micko Shark flavors you can find:

  • Thai Mango;
  • Oolong;
  • Grape and Aloe;
  • Energy drink ice;
  • Pineapple and coconut milk;
  • Mint;
  • Lemon ice, etc.

Another feature of the brand and its products are original, rarely seen flavors and combinations. They are able to surprise even experienced smokers.

What makes Veiik Micko Shark stand out

But there are other features of the disposable vape from this line, besides the memorable taste. With them, it differs from the rest of the brand's products.

  • With a laconic and discreet design, the body of the device is made of steel. It is durable, not afraid of shocks and does not heat up when in use. You can not worry about the safety of the device when you take it with you, it will be safe in your pocket and bag;
  • While the base of vape Veiik Micko Shark is made of metal, thanks to the proper design, the device does not slip in your hands. You will have a hard time dropping it;
  • Like Veiik Micko Mega, this model is equipped with a capacious cartridge, only its volume in this case is more and is 8.5 ml. This amount of liquid is enough for about 2200 puffs and a few weeks of constant use;
  • For Veiik Micko Shark to work the whole declared period, it is equipped with a powerful 1000 mAh battery. Since this is a disposable model, charging is not expected during use;
  • The device is distinguished not only by its laconic design, but also by the extremely simple operation. You do not need to look for buttons or other switches to turn it on. Just put it to your lips and take a breath, and the model is ready to use. The internal systems automatically detect a puff and start the whole process.

Why buy a Veiik Micko Shark

paragraph 1

Original flavors and combinations with a pleasant aftertaste.

paragraph 2

Maximum ease of use.

paragraph 3

Convenient and practical shape, easy to take with you.

paragraph 4

Capacious cartridge for up to 2200 puffs.

paragraph 5

Powerful battery that holds its charge well.

paragraph 6

Simple and clear control.

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