VEIIK Micko Disposable Vape in Dubai

Veiik Micko 400 Puffs Disposable Vape – 20 mg

AED 15
20 mg
400 Puffs

Veiik Micko Thai Mango Disposable Vape

AED 15
20 mg
400 Puffs

Veiik Micko Watermelon Disposable Vape

AED 15
20 mg
400 Puffs

Disposable vape Veiik Micko is a handy e-cigarette, presented in a concise and practical design. It is compact and easy to fit in your pocket or bag. The model does not require any maintenance, does not need charging or refilling. The installed cartridge is enough for at least 400 puffs. E-Juice with nicotine content of 20 mg per 1 ml is used for refilling. The main feature of this device is bright, saturated and memorable flavors.

In our store you can buy disposable vape Veiik Micko online in Dubai. We offer original products, regularly replenish the catalog. We provide delivery of orders to cities in the UAE.

Disposable vape Veiik Micko

What flavors are there

Disposable vape Veiik Micko is able to please customers not only with a stylish design and convenient form. The manufacturer paid special attention to the filling of the device, which uses high-quality E-Juice. The liquids are made from safe and natural ingredients that can not cause allergic reactions. Their nicotine content is 20 mg per 1 ml. These e-cigarettes are suitable for beginners and experienced smokers who do not like strong compositions.

Vape Veiik Micko is available in a wide palette of flavors:

  • American Coffee;
  • Classic tobacco;
  • Lychee Ice;
  • Mighty Mint;
  • Lemon;
  • Nutty tobacco;
  • Watermelon, etc.

The catalog of available flavors is replenished in accordance with the appearance of new products.

Characteristics of Veiik Micko vape

The device has a clever design that makes it easy to use. And thanks to its compact size, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and fits in your pocket. But the device has a number of features that distinguish it among analogues:

  • The body of any vape Veiik is made of steel, resistant to heat and mechanical damage. It is decorated with a bright sticker according to taste;
  • Since the e-cigarette from this series is a disposable, it does not require charging. To make it last longer, it has a powerful 310 mAh battery. It is enough for a long time with active smoking;
  • The model does not need to be refilled. It has a capacious cartridge with the volume of 1,5 ml. Since the dosage is already set, this amount of liquid is enough for at least 400 puffs;
  • You will not find any buttons on the device to adjust or turn it on. All you have to do to start the cigarette is to inhale. The automatic sensors react to the puffing force. This also protects the owner and the device from spontaneous starting. The vape will not turn on while lying in a pocket, bag or on the table.

Why choose Vape Veiik Micko

paragraph 1

Stylish and practical design.

paragraph 2

Maintenance free.

paragraph 3

Longer lasting power.

paragraph 4

Great vape liquids.

paragraph 5

Wide range of flavors.

paragraph 6

Nicotine content 20 mg per 1 ml.

In our catalog you can also buy a disposable vape Veiik Micko MAX, as well as products of other brands. In the catalog only original goods, there are new products and classic devices.