Yuoto Switch vapes

Yuoto Switch 3000 Puffs Disposable Vape

AED 40
50 mg
3000 Puffs

Top Disposable Vape (8 flavors) 3000 Puffs

Do you like to change the flavors of e-cigarettes often, or are you bored of the monotony? Pay attention to the disposable vape Yuoto Switch. This is a novelty from the famous brand, which will surprise even experienced smokers. The main feature of the model is the presence of two cartridges with different liquids. With a total volume of 8 ml, they will suffice for at least 3000 puffs and a few weeks of active use. This model has a powerful battery. And thanks to the convenient and concise design, the device is both stylish and easy to handle. In our store you can buy a disposable vape Yuoto Switch with delivery to any city in the UAE. All models are available at competitive prices. If necessary, we will help in the selection of your wishes.

Yuoto Switch in Dubai

Affordable Tastes

Vape Yuoto Switch is a godsend for those who are tired of the usual and standard tastes, want changes and sudden changes. The manufacturer tried to choose the most bright and original combinations that will please even experienced smokers. Among them you can find:

  • Watermelon and Peach Ice;
  • Coke and Energizer;
  • Peppermint and Apple Ice;
  • Grape and melon ice;
  • Lychee and blueberry ice;
  • Pina Colada and pineapple ice;
  • Ice watermelon and guava, etc.
  • Peach ice;
  • Chewing gum, etc.

Most Yuoto Switch flavors will refresh you on the hottest day and cheer you up after hard work.

One of the advantages of the brand products is the high quality of E-Juice. For their production are used natural and safe for people ingredients. Their quality is confirmed by certificates. Strength of the compositions does not exceed 5%, which is optimal for experienced smokers and beginners.

What makes Yuoto Switch stand out

Disposable vape Yuoto Switch has several features that noticeably distinguish it from analogues and other products of the brand:

  • The most noticeable difference is the presence of two separate cartridges with a capacity of 1500 puffs each. Each holds 4 ml of liquid and does not imply the possibility of refilling after use. This amount is enough for several weeks of active use, and the combination will not bore you;
  • Unlike Yuoto Bubble, Yuoto Switch disposable vape does not imply recharging during use and is disposed after the charge ends. In order for it to last as long as possible, this model has a powerful 1650 mAh battery;
  • Another notable difference between Yuoto Switch and analogues is a metal body. This is rare among e-cigarettes, so the device is much more durable and easily withstands shocks. The surface is designed so that it does not slip in your hands. The material does not heat up even with prolonged use;
  • Since the models in this line are designed for a large volume of liquid, they are also equipped with a quality heating coil. It provides uniform heating and allows you to enjoy a fully unfolded, full-bodied flavor;
  • Switching between flavors is simple - just press one button on the body. The liquids do not mix and do not spoil the experience.

To get your device, all you need to do is to choose the appropriate one and place your order. We will deliver it as soon as possible. And if you have doubts about your choice - contact us for advice.

Why buy a vape Yuoto Switch

There are several reasons why you should pay attention and buy Yuoto Switch in Dubai:

paragraph 1

Large volume of cartridges - 8ml in total.

paragraph 2

Powerful battery - lasts for weeks of use.

paragraph 3

Easy to use - take a breath and the device is on.

paragraph 4

Design - compact form and stylish design.

paragraph 5

Convenient controls - switch between flavors with one button.

paragraph 6

Variety - wide range of rich and original flavors.

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