Is vaping bad for your health or not?

An e-cigarette works by vaporizing a liquid that's based on nicotine salts and natural flavourings. When you smoke your device, you inhale the vapour, not the product of burning. And it is for the smouldering tobacco that conventional cigarettes are so condemned.

Only the nicotine contained in the devices can cause harm, as it is also addictive and excites the nervous system and increases blood pressure. If you have a medical contraindication to such exciters, natural oils or salt nicotine, it is best to avoid using vapes.

Is there any way to regulate the temperature at which the liquid is heated or the volume of vapor delivered?

No. Disposable cigarettes are not designed with any controls. They are triggered automatically when you inhale. The amount of vapour is either fixed or depends on the strength of the inhalation. But we don't recommend starting with deep inhalations as this can be uncomfortable.

What is the basis of e-cigarette liquids?

The exact formulas vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most formulas use salt nicotine with flavourings as the base. The latter can be synthetic or natural.

Can I refill or recharge my device?

As most of the vapes we have here are disposable systems, they are not recharged or refilled. Once the charge or liquid runs out, they are simply disposed of as rubbish. Taking them apart is also not recommended as you will not be able to reassemble them or the product will not function as intended.

How much vapour is released when smoking a vape?

The exact amount depends on the specific model and manufacturer. In the vast majority of cases, the amount of vapour escaping is minimal.

Can I use my vape in an enclosed area with other people?

Yes. As they give off virtually no vapour and there is no distinct smell, bystanders will not even notice you are smoking. Also, a fire extinguishing system will not go off if it is installed indoors.

Will e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?

Not without your personal desire to beat the addiction. Devices can be a good and more harmless substitute for regular tobacco.